Arabic SEO in Dubai is important - Local SEO in Dubai for Local Clients

We have to understand that it is a myth that through Arabic SEO we only cater to local clients in UAE but, realistically, we can target Arabic keywords for sales and service inquiries.

Before going further in Arabic SEO, local SEO in Dubai based on customers, and in UAE we have people from all around the world, India, Pakistanis, Filipinos, Africans who can only communicate in English and they are prospective buyers for any product and services so keep targeting in Arabic SEO is not going to produce results.

Let elaborate that how Arabic SEO in Dubai can be done by WordPress Developer or by a WordPress Development company in Dubai.

  1. To Target Arabic keywords, we required a complete Arabic website clone to set Meta Tags, Titles, Arabic content for local SEO in Dubai to fulfill keywords usage. It gives an extra advantage for local SEO that we can increase our reach which is fruitful for both services and product business.
  2. It's all about presentation, need to set up the website user experience, apply call to actions for both websites in English the design layout is left to right and right to left is from Arabic content for SEO in Duba or SEO in UAE.
  3. We need to provide a clear message to client about our services, which drive them to ht a Call to Action for inquiry.
  4. Website PAge loading speed for both Mobile and Desktop website plays an important role in SEO, as per new core web, vital WordPress developer should optimize website speed as per certain level to full fill the Google benchmark.
  5. Local listings for both Arabic and English directories with quality and massive content can easily boost the keywords ranking, Users often find the website through community and social platforms, which helps the cause.
  6. For WordPress developer, the Wordfence security plugin, CDN, and speed optimizers are a must for local SEO in Dubai; Even Shopify development companies can use the same method for optimum results.
  7. For success in Local SEO in UAE or local SEO in Dubai or all over the world, Google My Business Optimization and optimize the services and product base keywords on 3-pack listings is an excellent way to generate more inquiries, As per Google My Business, We need a 5-star rating and Sevice base keywords to display our website URL, Map, and call option as a 3 top business or service providers on certain radius.
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